"At HHB, we strive to inspire a true love of dance. Through dance, you can express thoughts and emotions that words fall short of capturing. Our students learn an appreciation of hard work and disciplined effort. Dance builds mind, body, and spirit."

Elaine Matthews


Why do dressing rooms exist in retail clothing stores? Well, the simple answer is that people really like trying on clothes before they buy them to make sure they find the right fit. At Hunterdon Hills Ballet, we embrace that reality and offer prospective students the opportunity to attend a trial class to see if it's the right fit. Contact us today to schedule an opportunity to attend a trial class.  (908) 797-6761


Students must register before attending class.


There are no refunds without a Doctor's note.

Students can makeup missed classes, limited to two makeups per session.

Please note that the age ranges for classes are suggestions, but placement is based on maturity and ability and is at the discretion of HHB. 




PRE PRO PACKAGE- 2 hours weekly $130/month ($18.05/hour)
PT I PACKAGE-4 hours weekly $200/month ($13.88/hour)

PT II PACKAGE- 6.5 hours weekly $250/month ($10.68/hour)

PT III PACKAGE-11 hours weekly $285/month ($7.19/hour)

PT IV PACKAGE-14.5 hours weekly $335/month ($6.41/hour)


45 minutes** or 1 hour weekly, $675 ($18.75/hour)

2 hours weekly, $130/month ($18.05/hour)

3 hours weekly, $180/month ($16.60/hour)

4 hours weekly, $200/month ($13.88/hour)

**all 45 minute classes are billed for an hour



$75 per hour

$325 for 5 classes ($65/hour)

To View And/Or Download Our Class Schedule At A Glance, Please Click The PDF Icon


01/06/20:  Classes Resume

01/20 - 04/20:  Coaching & Competing For YAGP, etc.

01/20/20:  CLOSED [Martin Luther King, Jr. Day]

02/15/20 - 02/17/20:  CLOSED [President's Day Weekend]

02/16/20 - 02/18/20:  YAGP

02/18/20:  Classes Resume

02/21/20:  End of Year Show Rehearsals Begin

04/10/20 - 04/19/20:  CLOSED [Spring Break]

04/20/20:  Classes Resume

05/23/20 - 05/25/20:  CLOSED [Memorial Day Weekend]

05/26/20:  Classes Resume

TBD:  End of Year Show

06/13/20:  Last Day of 2019-20 Classes

* Subject To Change


June 20, 2017

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