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Children Under 7

Your child's love for dance begins here, with HHB's wide range of classes. All ages are introduced to the age appropriate fundamental components of technique; while we gently nurture artistic growth and development. Please see the descriptions below for a class that specifically suits your child. Contact the studio to set up a trial class! 

Mini Ballet -This 45 minute class, designed for 3-4 year olds, will make your child fall in love with dance. It is structured but provides ample room for creativity and exploration. Diving deeper into focus and discipline, this class will be your child's weekly favorite! Taught by Jessica Sims

Ballet Foundations-A one hour class dedicated to 4-5 year olds that love ballet! Using classical music, dancers explore movement and shapes. Students are gently introduced to the core principles of ballet, such as pointing your toes! Taught by Jessica Sims. 

Combo-Designed for students ages 4-6 years old. Combo II Class will feature everything your young dancer needs: ballet, tap and acrobatics. In ballet, students will learn the basics of barre work, steps and turns across the floor, and brief combinations in center. Tap will be lots of fun; we'll work up to steps such as maxifords and railroad time steps. Acro will focus on flexibility and strength, as well as gymnastics skills such as handstands, cartwheels, and backbends. Taught by Christen Tassin. 

PT I Ballet-Designed for students ages 6-7, your child is now ready for a more formal ballet class. Dancers will work to get a firm understanding on positions while improving muscle strength and coordination. This class is a critical transition in forging your child's path as a dancer! Taught by Jessica Sims. 


PT I/II Tap-Recommended for ages 6-8, this class will introduce the fun of tap.  Perfect for kids who love to move, and want to explore different genres of dance.  Get ready to shuffle off to Buffalo! Taught by Christen Tassin. 

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